Holiday Kit

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Holiday Kit

Celebrate the holidays this season by bringing in the scents that connect you to this time of year. This special set of four undiluted oils and one blend is hand-selected to honor and to connect four geographic regions (with one bonus!), elevating and balancing your space with a little extra touch of holiday magic. 

Silver Fir: From the North comes the mysterious and intoxicating smell of the giant silver fir tree. Imagine these gentle green giants, majestically blanketed in snow during this winter season. 

Peppermint: It uplifts the spirit and lightens the heart. Fresh and bright, peppermint has been winter's signature flavor and scent in the West for centuries. 

Frankincense: A symbol of holiness and righteousness, Frankincense has been used in spiritual rituals and offerings in the East for thousands of years. This fragrant oil brings with it the energy of connection. 

Allspice (Pimenta Berry): Associated with all the delicious foods made during the holiday season (cookies, spice cake, pumpkin pie), Allspice is a comforting scent that comes from Jamaica in the South.

Legacy: A scintillating blend of Black Spruce, Frankincense, Nutmeg, and Pimenta Berry, this cheerful oil combines different scents connected with the Holiday season. What emerges is a magical, unique experience brimming with warmth and joy. 

This festive kit includes five 10ml oils that come packaged in a handmade wooden box perfect for gift-giving. 

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