Acknowledgement Blend 10 ml

Primary oils:
Silver Fir
25% dilution in Organic Jojoba oil
10 ml

Suggested Acupuncture points if using this blend in Aroma Point Therapies (
- Lung 1
- Lung 3
- CV 17
- Kidney 7
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This unique blend called Acknowledgement features four cherished oils that help to transform unproductive grief and issues of “unworthiness.” These oils are Saro, Myrrh, Silver Fir and Cypress.

An exquisite blend, based upon Metal element in ancient Chinese medicine, it guides us into integrated lightness of being and the knowing of our inherent worth. Transpiring through the Medicine of Acknowledgement, it is activated by the distinctive fragrance profiles and each plant's inner nature. Picture this as the spirit of the individual plants engaging with your unique Soul nature.

Tiffany Carole ( MS LAc, EAMP shares the importance of this concept of Acknowledgement: “As we energetically ‘acknowledge’ we interface with what is, in this timeless Now moment. This is where true empowerment and embodiment of worth exists. This is the access point for quantum Healing. This is the portal to alignment with our multidimensional selves and the infinite resourcing that is available to us.”

Let Acknowledgement take you on a journey from heaviness, doubt, loneliness, isolation, insecurity, regret, disappointment and stuck grief to embodied Lightness and the inner knowing of inherent worth and unfathomable treasures.

Essential oil descriptions, taken from Healing Oil Collective (
Saro: "The Parter of Clouds and Breather of Stardust"
Myrrh: "Essence of the Precious and Rare"
Cypress: "The Return"
Silver Fir: "Knower of Value, Seer of Preciousness"

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