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Our mission: To help heal the world through supporting our children’s physical, mental and emotional vitality.

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News from Monara

Sri Lanka School Bathroom Project

Monara’s founders, Tiffany Carole and Rory Stalwick, first came to Sri Lanka in 2015. Their original mission was to source fair trade, ethically produced essential oils like cardamon and cinnamon, but Sri Lanka quickly came to mean so much more to them. As they explored the land and got to know many incredible people, they started to fall in love with the island and decided to make their presence more permanent. After purchasing a beautiful piece of property and working tirelessly to turn it into a retreat site, Tiffany and Rory now spend a few months out of every year living and working in Sri Lanka.

Landon Smith, a close friend, came to visit Tiffany and Rory where they live near the rural village of Gonagala. Landon wasted no time becoming involved with the community, and soon developed a close relationship helping a local family. As he spent time with them, he was asked to help with an important maintenance issue at the local elementary school. The bathrooms at The Gonagala School were in desperate need of repair. With a student body of 1,200, the outdated facilities were unable to accommodate the volume of students, and had become thoroughly unsanitary. Due to a lack of maintenance and government funding, the staff and students alike were left to deal with these unhygenic conditions.

Landon decided to start a GoFundMe to help support the school in renovating the student bathrooms and re-building a separate staff bathroom. When he shared this plan with Tiffany and Rory, they pledged to donate 10% of all Monara profits from December 1 and January 31 to this project. In this way all customers can help too!

With the money raised from the GoFundMe, and the profits still rolling in from Monara sales, Landon was able to make swift headway on the project before he needed to return to California. Employing all local workers, new plumbing, soap dispensers, better urinals, western toilets and working sinks were installed, as well as new windows plus a fresh coat of paint. Now that Landon is back home, Rory has taken on the responsibility of finishing the project.

A portion of the money being raised will be used to employ a full time janitor to ensure that the newly renovated bathrooms remain clean and functional.

From the whole Monara team, we are so excited to share this update with you and want to thank our community for supporting this cause and helping to ensure that the children in Gonagala have access to comfortable, safe hygiene facilities while at school.

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Aroma Point Therapy, or APT, refers to a collection of works that combines the healing potency of essential oils with specific acupuncture points or body zones in order to catalyze profound shifts in the body, mind and spirit. It is a gentle, completely safe and yet exceptionally effective healing modality that engages the energetic potential hidden within the essential oils.

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What does Monara mean?

Monara means “peacock” in the Sinhala language of Sri Lanka and represents regrowth, rejuvenation, royalty and respect. It is also a symbol of Beauty and Love.

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