Aroma Point Mastery Third Trimester Bundle

This marvelous kit contains all of the essential oils, in proper dilution, for the third trimester of the  Aroma Point Mastery program by Tiffany Carole. 

Oils included are listed below. These carefully selected oils are small to medium batch distillations of either organic, wild harvested or sustainably harvested EO's properly diluted in clear, organic jojoba. They come in 5, 10 and 15 ml bottles respectively.

*** Please note that if you purchase all 3 Aroma Point Mastery Kits (these three kits contain all of the oils for the entire APM Journey- 3 Quarters), then you also receive a Free Oasis Regenerative Facial Oil ~ $20.20 value.

Enjoy! Its so nice to have all of your oils pre-diluted for safety and ready to go!

Third Trimester Oils: 9 Oils

May Chang: The Exuberant Clarifier ~ 15 ml @ 25%
Laurel: The Discerning Seer, Victorious One ~ 15 ml @ 25%
Vetiver: the Restorative Stabilizer ~ 10 ml @ 25%
Peppermint: The Focused Visionary, The Cool Director ~ 15 ml @ 25%, organic
Silver Fir: Knower of Value, The Seer of Preciousness  ~ 15 ml @ 50%
Jasmine grandiflorum: The Restorer of Trust ~ 5 ml @ 15%
Palmarosa: the Great Harmonizer of Thinking and Feeling ~ 15 ml @ 25%, organic
Sandalwood, Authentic Mysore: The One Who Honors the Past~ 5 ml @ 100%
Cardamom: The Enricher ~ 15 ml @ 25%

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