Cardamom, Special Dark 5 ml


Elettaria cardamomum - Guatemala

Special Dark Cardamom oil has a sweet, spicy, warm aroma with balsamic, woody middle notes. This is a special small batch distillation that's much darker than typical Cardamom oil.

Sweet and spicy with woody undertones, cardamom has been a medicinal and aromatic resource of Asian and Egyptian cultures for centuries.


Cardamom is a reed like perennial herb that can grow up to 9 feet tall. Cardamom is typically grown in south India and Sri Lanka. Its particular therapeutic qualities used for Ayurvedic medicine had been pointed out in historic Vedic texts that date back to 3000 years. It has been used for approximately 3000 years in Chinese medicine as well. The ancient Egyptians also utilized cardamom in perfumes as well as incense. Dioscorides, the Greek physician/ pharmacologist/ botanist, explained its use within the treatment of sciatica, coughs, spasm, abdominal pains and also the retention of urine. In the 17th century an English herbalist coined it "chief of all seeds " writing that it pulled troublesome humors from both the head and the stomach.Today, it is traditionally used in Asian, North African and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Cardamom essential oil is obtained from the seeds of Cardamom. It is thoroughly utilized and admired like a flexible spice all throughout the world.

The health advantages of Cardamom essential oil can be related to its capability to decrease spasms, neutralize the adverse effects of chemotherapy, decrease nausea, along with its qualities of antiseptic, anti-microbial, aphrodisiac, astringent, digestive, stomachic, stimulant, as well as diuretic compound.

Its exotic character is sensual and warming, making it a key component of aphrodisiac oil blends.

As a tonic and calmative to the mind and emotions, cardamom can assist with the anxious tension created through our non-stop lifestyle.

Cardamom is a general tonic for the body’s vital energy and has been historically helpful for all varieties of digestive complaints especially those caused by stagnation of qi in the stomach and the intestines.

Cardamom essential oil is rich, exotic and lusciously unique aromatically. It has a soothing, uplifting emotional effect. It exerts a fortifying influence on mental functioning, reducing drowsiness and improving concentration. This member of the ginger family has a gentle grounding character, making it ideal as a warming addition to massage oil blends for most skin types.

Cardamom has strong calming properties, promoting emotional equilibrium when diffused or used in direct palm inhalation.

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