Cedarwood, Atlas 10 ml or 15 ml diluted to 25% in Jojoba

Pick Dilution:

Cerus atlantica Manetti - Morocco

Cedarwood essential oil is a viscous orange-to-amber fluid with a warm sweet-woody aroma and a slight camphoraceous top note. It is considered a mid-tone oil with medium persistence


Production areas: The mountains of the Middle Atlas in Morocco and Algeria
Extraction: Steam distillation of the dried wood chips throughout most of the summer.

Cedarwood oil exerts the following therapeutic actions: antidepressant, antiseptic; anti-putrescent (inhibits decay); anti-seborrheic (counteracts excessive production of sebum); aphrodisiac; astringent; circulatory stimulant; diuretic; emollient (softens & soothes the skin); expectorant; fungicidal; immune tonic; insecticidal (especially for moths, mosquitoes and fleas); lipolytic (breaks down fatty deposits); mucolytic (facilitates removal of catarrhal build-up); sedative; tonic.

In aromatherapy, cedarwood oil is used in certain cases of: lethargy; hormonal dysregulation; atherosclerosis; immunological weakness; lymphatic congestion; edema; obesity; respiratory infections; bronchitis; catarrhal coughs; diarrhea; kidney weakness; urinary tract infections; cystitis with burning pain; chronic urethritis; vaginitis; low sex drive; leucorrhea; metritis; chronic rheumatism and arthritis; low back pain; acne; oily skin; eczema; psoriasis; fungal infections; dandruff; seborrhea; alopecia especially when related to stress; cellulite (combine with pink grapefruit oil when treating cellulite).

Atlas Cedarwood is considered antihistamine and anti-allergic treating hypersensitivities and food allergies. It is also decongesting and can treat pelvic congestion and digestive dampness. (Excerpted from Berkowsky’s Synthesis Materia Medica/Spiritualis of Essential Oils)

In the emotional realm, Cedarwood oil can be used for the support and resolution of nervous tension, anxiety, nervous debility, insecurity, loss of will, low self-esteem, shyness, aversion to confrontation, depression, melancholia, obsessive behavior, paranoia, lethargy, poor concentration, deep-seated fear, timidity, and anger.
(Excerpted from Berkowsky’s Synthesis Materia Medica/Spiritualis of Essential Oils)

On a spiritual level, Cedarwood oil is grounding and stabilizing; it fortifies the psyche and bolsters courage, especially during times of transition and unsettling circumstances. In this way it can support steadfastness in the face of life’s challenges; patiently cultivating stabilization amidst disorder and chaos.

Tisserand and Young do not indicate any special precautions when using Atlas Cedarwood Oil. (Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, Essential Oil Safety)

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