Grit and Grace Blend 10 ml

Grit and Grace Blend
Light and Shadow series

Primary oils :
Angelica Root
Indian Grass
Italian Clementine (organic)
Sri Lankan Cinnamon
10 ml

New Series: Grit and Grace is part of a series of blends designed to support us in these very unique times. During this unprecedented period when we are facing our collective shadow like never before, it is essential to have easeful support that brings us into a safe alignment. Grit and Grace supports the energetic flow and movement between what we might refer to as the “light and shadow” within our experience.

Grit and Grace is a blend of six potent essential oils, mixed with organic jojoba to make the optimal ratio for activation of Acupoints and Chakra centers.

The fragrance profile is a divine embrace of Below and Above, having both bottom and top notes with a balanced center:

A mixture of earthen roots -Angelica Root and Arbovitae; mid notes of sweet and fresh green- Indian Grass and Cistus; and a light, bright lift with organic Italian Clementine. We added a touch of wild-harvested Sri Lankan Cinnamon to circulate and distribute both the fragrance and the energy.

This special extraordinary blend will take you on a journey that is sure to foster greater ease, flow and acceptance.

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