May Chang 10 ml or 15 ml diluted to 25% in Jojoba

Pick Dilution:

Litsea cubeba - Vietnam

May Chang is a member of the Laurel family, the small tree that is common throughout Asia. Also known as Litsea Cubeba oil, May Chang is a relative newcomer to the modern essential oil market but has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine for centuries.

Our uplifting fragrant essential oil is steam distilled from the ‘pepper-corn shaped’ fruits that this tropical tree produces. It also bears pale white or yellow flowers, which are also lemon-scented. This oil has a wonderful complex lemony, slightly fruity aroma. Smelling very airy, light and sweet, Monara’s very lively May Chang comes from Vietnam.


Native to China, Indonesia and Japan, May Chang is also grown widely in India, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java. It is steam distilled from the dried berries in July through September. One kg of oil is yielded from 40 – 80kg of the berries. This is considered an excellent yield. Main production areas are Vietnam, South China, Taiwan and Java.

Antibacterial, anti-infectious, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, calmative, astringent, hypotensive, tonic, insecticide, deodorant, calming, stimulant, antispasmodic, sedative, carminative, vulnerary, neurocardiac relaxant, refrigerant, antipyretic, vasodilator, antidepressant stomachic, gastrointestinal sedative and relaxant as well as digestive stimulant and microbial detoxicant.

May Chang has been referred to as the “Oil of Tranquility” and is recognized for its powerful effect in promoting physical relaxation and mental calm but not in a sedating way... rather through it’s uplifting and paradoxically stimulating actions it ultimately promotes calm.

It is recommended for those suffering from the “tired and wired “phenomenon. May Chang essential oil has refreshing, stimulating and uplifting action, which makes it perfect for relieving fatigue and lethargic psychological states. This oil is a ‘bright’ tonic to the nervous system and is ideal for clearing the head in anxious, stressed or befuddled states.

May Chang is a strong oil for the skin. Although it can be used safely on single body acupoints on the yang meridians, it is recommended to dilute to 50% or 25% for application on acupuncture points and 10% to 15% dilution for medicated ointments on body zones.

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