Nourishment Blend 10 ml

Primary oils:
Coriander Seed CO2 extract
Geranium rose
Mimosa absolute
25% dilution in Organic Jojoba oil
10 ml

Suggested Acupuncture points if using this blend in Aroma Point Therapies:
- CV 8
- CV 12
- CV 17
- Spleen 3
- Stomach 40
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This unique blend features four luscious oils that ‘nourish’ to the core. It supports Earth element imbalances which include digestive issues, blood sugar dysregulation, eating disorders, challenges with attachment including codependency, enmeshing, neediness, and over-self-reliance, challenges with ‘lack’ consciousness and worry or unproductive obsessive thinking.

One of the most beautiful gifts of this combination of oils is a return to the truth of Abundance on all levels of being.
Tiffany Carole MS LAc, EAMP shares the importance of this concept of Nourishment:

“Where there is Nourishment the Soul is vitalized and integration is fostered”

Let this blend take you on a journey from a world of “not enough,” chronic worry or over-thinking to luscious and fertile ease of being.

Oil descriptions from Healing Oil Collective ( in this warm and encompassing blend:
- Coriander Seed CO2 extract: "The Queen of Abundance"
- Vetiver: "The Restorative Stabilizer"
- Geranium rose: "The Sweet Mother"
- Mimosa abs: "The Happy Harmonizer"

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