Oasis Restorative Facial Oil 10 ml

Primary Oils:
Cactus Seed Oil
Moroccan Argan Oil
Sea Buckthorn Oil
Bulgarian Pure Rose
10 ml

Add 2 to 6 drops to the palm of your hand and use your fingers to lightly apply over the face and carefully around the delicate eye area.

Oasis Facial Oil: Supreme replenishment and rejuvenation for your splendid face.

Oasis blends two of the most nourishing and moisture enhancing natural oils, Moroccan Argan oil and Cactus Seed oil, in combination with Sea Buckthorn oil, known for reducing redness and evening skin tone.

To make this unique blend even more magnificent we add pure essential oils of: Bulgarian Rose, known to deeply hydrate and reduce signs of tired and aging skin; Frankincense, known to repair cellular DNA damage; and Helichrysum, which is revered for its ability to heal, repair and enhance cellular regeneration.

Just a few drops of this liquid nourishment can be used morning and evening to restore, rehydrate and enhance the radiance and vitality of your beautiful face.
Loved by both men and women alike:
Men enjoy using this after shaving! Oasis also makes for a wonderful hydrating beard oil, a supportive healing and hydrating oil for tattoo care, and potent tissue repair to slow and even reverse the signs of aging.
Women love Oasis for its incredible hydration benefits, anti-aging impacts, and it's ability to boost and enhance luminosity, glow and brilliance of the face.
It’s especially magnificent for people who live in dryer climate or during the dryer times of year.

Extra tip: Oasis is a must have if you travel on airplanes! It is the ideal companion for airplane travel - keeping your skin protected and hydrated while repairing damage. Arrive at your destination feeling and looking fresh and vital.

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