Presence Blend 10 ml

Primary oils:
Ylang Ylang Complete
Red Mandarin, Organic
Key Lime, Organic
Rose absolute
25% dilution in Organic Jojoba oil
10 ml

Suggested Acupuncture points if using this blend in Aroma Point Therapies:
- CV 17
- Heart 7
- Small Intestine 4
- Triple Warmer 4
- Pericardium 7

*** this blend contains an oil that’s known to be photo-sensitizing. Although this blend is diluted with carrier oil please exercise caution if placing on the skin and going into direct sunlight.

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This unique blend features six incredible oils that each powerfully support the Heart and Fire Element.

Fire element imbalances include challenges with intimacy, connection, boundaries, control, safety, trauma response, shock, heart organ, small intestine organ, pericardium meridian and function, temperature regulation of the body including thyroid disorders, and speech and communication challenges.

One of the most beautiful gifts of this combination of oils is a return Home to Heart; a radical return to Presence in this generous moment.

Tiffany Carole MS LAc, EAMP shares the importance of this concept of Presence:

“With Presence we know the truth of connection and Love is engendered”

Let this blend take you on a journey from a world of disconnection, misunderstanding and pain to envelopment with Heart bliss.

Taken from Healing Oil Collective (, here are the Essential oil descriptions for this intoxicating blend:
Ylang Ylang Complete: "The Smoothing Regulator," "The Sensual Cooler"

Palmarosa: "The Great Harmonizer of Thinking and Feeling"

Helichrysum: "The Transforming Regenerator"

Red Mandarin, organic: "The Rejuvenating Brightener," "The Effervescence of Fortune"

Key Lime, organic: "The Loving Clarifier"

Rose abs: "The One, Compassionate Grace"

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