Seed of Life Blend 10 ml

Primary oils:
Jasimine Grandiflorum
Blood Orange
Red Mandarin
25% dilution in Organic Jojoba oil
10 ml

Suggested Acupuncture points if using this blend in Aroma Point Therapies:
- Heart 7
- CV 6
- CV 17
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Seed of Life is a blend of seven potent essential oils, combined with clear organic jojoba to make the optimal ratio for activation of Acupoints and Chakra centers.

The fragrance profile is a divine embrace of “Above” and “Below.” It contains four incredible and sublime citrus oils from around the globe, combined with the angelic activations of Neroli and the trust restorative actions of Jasmine Gradiflorum. To balance with the bottom notes we add Vetiver to root and nourish down to the core.

It’s part of a new series of blends designed to support us in these very unique times. We are facing our collective shadow like never before.

Seed of Life gracefully enhances the energetic flow and movement between what we might refer to as the “Light and Shadow” within our experience.

It’s fresh citrus fragrance acts as an active guide, brightly encouraging us to return over and over to the intrinsic luminosity that is always there for us.

The results of this journey are twofold. Firstly reminding us of our capacity to allow that light to naturally seep into the darker denser places. Seed of Life also allows the acknowledging of the natural cycles of Life-Death-Life, reminding us that for every ending there is a new beginning. This amazing journey opens space for an embodied understanding of all aspects of the cosmic cycles that we are part of, freeing us from the bondage of fear.

A true treasure beyond measure.

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