Black Spruce 50% in Jojoba 10 ml


Picea mariana - Canada


Black Spruce growth and production is primarily in Eastern Canada with some distillation in the Pacific Northwest of the United States

Extraction: Steam distillation of the fresh twigs and needles, usually from September through December, then again March through May.

Systemic neuroendocrine-immune restorative & regulator, adaptogenic, immune enhancer, pituitary-adrenal & -thyroid restorative & regulator, pituitary-gonadal/reproductive restorative & regulator, respiratory, restorative, expectorant, antiseptic, prostate decongestant, anti-inflammatory, stimulant spasmolytic, arterial circulatory stimulant, antibacterial, immune-stimulant, antifungal, anthelmintic, and antiprotozoal.

Black Spruce is a beautifully helpful ally for buoying up deep fatigue that has penetrated not only the physical body, but the mental and emotional bodies as well: Discouragement, trouble standing up for oneself, chronic worry with underpinning of fear and anxiety, indecisiveness, submissiveness directed outwardly or inwardly, low self confidence and esteem, issues with power including will-power and discipline, apathy, despair and depression, as well as rigidity and the experience of being “frozen in fear.”

Black Spruce, especially if it’s older and has had more time to oxidize, can be a mild topical skin irritant and skin sensitizer. For this reason, I recommend diluting Black Spruce to a 25% -50% strength especially if using on more than a single acu-point.

Topical safety status: Black Spruce is a mild remedy with no cumulative toxicity.

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