What is the difference between Jasmine Grandiflorum and Jasmine Sambac?

The answer here is taken from Healing Oil Collective:

“Jasmine is an evergreen, climbing shrub that can grow up to 33 feet high. It has dark green leaves and small, white, star-shaped flowers. The grandiflorum variety blooms during the day (opening in the morning) and the sambac variety, referred to as ‘Queen of the Night’ blooms in the evening at 11 pm.

It is believed that the jasmine bush originated in India. There are over 40 species of Jasminum that have been identified in India (300 world-wide), with many being used medicinally, spiritually and aromatically. 

The sambac variety is well known throughout the Far East and Pacifica, and in fact is the flower that is used in jasmine tea making..”

On the difference in aroma the sambac variety has a bit of a base note to it, while retaining its floral sweetness. This gives it an affinity for the 1st and 2nd chakra. The gradliflorum variety is soft and light, having an affinity for the heart chakra. 

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